We been looking at textiles today we have been looking at cloths and the paint and how they are archived.

How we can use this in are photography look at the paisley patterns,
look at mummy clothes.

Protection of the collections.
Some of the sample where 100 years.
If the books get wet it will damage them. All-so the heat, mice can damage and rubber can damage the books .
catalogue the work with numbers it make it easy to find.
listening to how you can tack my photography  to another level I am going to look at doing a book.

(Just some of the things we look at.)


These are two of the paisley patterns.




Just some my photos taken in the studio on my phone.




looked at some photos of different things?
There was all of different people and it showed different aspects of their lives.

what was happening within their photos what could we see with the photos.

A lot of the pictures related to mental health.

We all went into the studio to talk about the Health and safety.

Then we did the light meters.

In the studio

 What did I do?

Health and safety guidance in the studio and on location just to go over the Health /Safety we did last semester.

In the studio make sure no food or drinks not to block fire doors.

 Put things g back to where you get them. Don’t lave wires on the floor. Turn all power supplies are off when you leave.

What did I learnt?

We have gone over lights and light meters sky racks and the pantograph we have done the buttery dish, octet box, honey-con and soft box there is different sizes.

What position should the light meter be in when tacking a reading?

Light Meter how to uses them.

How to uses light boxie.

Buttety dish with a silver lining .

Sky racks .

Pantigrath .

What next?

 I will put all my knowledge into good practise in the studio and on location.






Born in Bradford project.

What did I do?

Recently I listened to a radio programme ‘Born in Bradford’ on Radio 4.  During this programme I picked up on one word ‘Obesity’.  I have decided to concentrate on this one word for my project as I feel this could take many different directions or approaches.

I am looking at obesity in family’s, adults and children. When I look at my brainstorming I can see a connection with my research list including diabetes, illness and death.

mind map

What did I learnt?

I have learnt that obesity can take me down many different directions.  Fast food is readily available and full of fats, sugars and salts.  Different cultures cook in different ways using different ingredients – does this make any difference?  How can we change our ways and re-educate ourselves so as not to pass this issue onto our children?  The mind map above shows just some of the issues that I could explore within this subject.

What next?

For me to go out and take pictures of fast foods, people just eating burgers in the street or food from Gregs.  I may even take pictures of shop doors, fast food shops doors.

I have to be aware that there could be issues with this in that people may not want me to take their picture.  It is early days yet and I have not yet decided how I will tackle this issue however I am aware that it could be a problem.


What did I do?

I went to see Ian Beesleys photography exhibition at Saltaire mill.  Ian has been a photographer over 40 years, he was born in Bradford and worked in a mill.

He is one of UK’s most respected social documentary photographers.

What did I learn?

I like the clean lines of the photos, it tells me as story of the mill.

What next?

This work has inspired me to look at documentary style photography, I feel it will be there for quite sometime maybe even for my grandchildren.  I also really like looking at some of these old buildings, when I ask myself why it’s because I feel they have a lot of character to them.  I would love to be able to capture the feeling, the smell and the character of these places.

Just some of his work.

Meeting The Brave

I’ve taken some pictures in Bradford of the Industrial Museum it was the unmistakably Bradford 2017 I was the over all winner.



I have been on photoshop I am getting quite good with photoshop

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 23.12.31


Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 21.32.25


I like this if you turned it upside down would know if its the right way up or not.


Task 1a LO2.1 What do i believe in

What do I believe in?

That you should do things for the right reasons, not because  people think that you should do it Because of money. In their minds things can be so different.So how fare would I go. It would have to be something good for me to go that easter mail like clime up a cliff. If it doesnt put people in danger I will think it throw

If it was a photo I am going to get paid a lot of money for and its not dangers I would have to think about long and hard.

I think it’s should be All do the some .